6 conditions predict 80%
of a team’s success

Developed and validated by renowned Harvard scholar-practitioners Dr Richard Hackman and Dr Ruth Wageman, the 6 team conditions model can help you identify  and measure the key levers to drive the success of your teams.

Defining team effectiveness. 

Team effectiveness means that team outcomes are excellent.

The degree to which a team achieves desired goals, works effectively together, develops their capability to work together in the future and meets the psychosocial needs of its members. 

Task Performance

The main clients or users of the team’s work are satisfied with the quality, quantity, and timeliness of the team’s work 

Quality of Group Processes

The group becomes increasingly effective over time, not just for a one-time good performance

Team Member Satisfaction

The team contributes to the learning, growth and satisfaction of its members. 

The 6 conditions

The Six Conditions represent the main features of a team’s design that you can influence to shape its effectiveness. 

Real Team

compelling purpose

right people

sound structure

supportive context

team coaching

What does it take for people to accomplish great things together?

Ruth Wageman

Harvard University

Improve your team’s effectiveness

The 6 Team Conditions Framework is simple to understand and apply.