Understand your values

Have you ever wanted to define 
and understand your core values?

Most people are naturally interested in living a purposeful life and being connected to their values however it can be hard to figure out what your values actually are. Living in alignment with your values can lead to a greater sense of purpose and fulfilment in your life and can help guide your decision making in important areas like your relationships and career.

We can help you measure and define your values. 

We offer a personality profile plus a coaching session to understand the results. Coaching can be a one-off session or an ongoing partnership.

Values-based relationships

Understanding your values can help you make better decisions about relationships.

Values-based careers

Having clarity on your values can help you design a more fulfiling career. 

TalentID Values Framework

TalentIdentify integrates the Schwartz Values Framework which comprises universal values that apply cross-culturally and internationally.


Wisdom, justice, world peace, beauty, nature .


Creativity, freedom, independence, curiosity, choosing own goals .


Variety, novelty and stimulating experiences.


Fun, enjoyable and pleasurable experiences.


Personal success according to social standards .


Authority, leadership, dominance, wealth, public image.


Preservation of public image and reputation.


Safety, harmony, and stability in society, relationships, or for self .


Preservation of culture and existing customs.


Politeness, obedience, self-discipline, social norms, honor parents/elders.


Moderation and avoidance of self-importance.


Helpful, honesty, forgiving, loyal, responsible (to those you know).

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